Saturday, December 27, 2014

Run, Don't Walk to Aromaleigh Clearance Sale

SO guys, I've become a bit of an Aromaleigh addict in the last few weeks. So far I've made an order with the old site, the new site, signed up for the sub box, and made a second order yesterday. So many shades! Admittedly, some shades start to look similar after a while as she really favors rose golds and purples. Today I am swatching and reviewing one of her older collections, the "Ever in Your Favor" Hunger Games themed collection. It can be found here on her old website. The collection was discontinued, once her current stock sells out the collection is gone. In light of this I chose to review this collection first of the several reviews that are waiting to be done.

First up, swatches: Pictured over NYX Milk, Fergie take on the day primer, and bare skin. Pictures were slightly color corrected to accommodate for the dreary grey sky.
Colors from top to bottom: Oddly Ostentanious, After the Dark Days, Act of Defiance, Poisonous Nightlock, Rabid, Feral. Mad., Inital Bloodbath, Bragging Rights, Pentulant Affluence, Everlasting Credit, Silver Parachute.

The swatches are pretty true to color, but Rabid. Feral. Mad. has a beautiful cranberry undertone that didn't pick up well in the swatches. 

For me, the standouts of this collection are Silver Parachute, Everlasting Credit, and Rabid. Feral. Mad.  Rabid. Feral. Mad. is just extremely unique with the glitter and purple shade with the cranberry undertone. I've seen pink undertones but no cranberry. The other two are amazing highlight shades. I struggle to find nice highlight shades that aren't just white since I'm kinda milky pale, especially around the eyes.

The collection is definitely on the brighter side for Aromaleigh, and the formulation is slightly different from the new formulation they use now. It works much better with a basic primer, the sticky base brings out the colors but mutes the sparkles a little. The three reds/pinks are not lip safe or vegan. If they were I probably have made them into lipsticks like I did with my reds from Shiro. Currently samples are 0.50 and full sizes are $3.25. There are several other collections on half off on the site I linked to from old stock she still has around after her big reformulation this fall. 

I think Aromaleigh is definitely one of my new favorites. I have blush and foundation on the way from them as well. Admittedly, I bought the blush because it's lip safe Sherlock colors I can smear on mouth, but I will swatch them nonetheless. TAT was less than a week even during the holiday season while she was trying to arrange for her new subscription box. If you order from the main site and the old sale site she will combine orders and refund part of the cost of shipping, which I think is terribly nice of her.   

Stay tuned for a review of the Ten Three Labs Hanging Tree collection, Aromaleigh Brillant Deductions collection, and a fumbling attempt at a scent review or two!


  1. Oh, these are so pretty. I haven't tried aromaleigh yet (but I signed up for the sub) but the colors look so pretty!

    1. They are gorgeous. I really wish I could get Rabid. Feral. Mad. to photograph properly.

  2. Aromaleigh has always had such an overwhelmingly large selection that I've never been able to decide what to get. But half price Hunger Games eyeshadow sounds like a perfect place to start!