Thursday, January 1, 2015

Review of TenThree Labs Hanging Tree Collection

     So I've been behind on posting my reviews of this. It's just so pretty I needed to post it. Technically the collection is discontinued but the perfume and smudge stick are both back for a short time until January 15th! I ordered these during Black Friday, TAT was a bit long but the owner received over 200 orders and kept all of us updated throughout the whole process. Preparing for 25 orders and receiving 200 is a huge difference so all is forgiven in my opinion. Here's some swatches for the pretties.
Packaging! Very professional and eye catching the labels seem like they will hold up well.

Lids removed.

Swatches over NYX Milk, Fergie Take on the Day primer, bare skin. 
Top to Bottom: You Burn With Us (NOV COTM but I included it as a defacto member of the collection), Not Real, Real, and Ash on Leather. Hijacked pictured on the bottom though I couldn't get the green shift to show up in any photos.

Diffused daylight

Half Light

Swatches of the free GWP "bow down" I was supposed to get a full size but sadly she ran out before my order. Glitter stick in "Yukon" very pigmented and I like it quite a bit. The gold and red will look nice over a lipstick for a night out. 

         You Burn With Us was a runaway favorite for me but Real was also very well mixed in my opinion. It's a nice taupe with gold undertones that I think will play well with my admittedly extensive collection of golds. Ash on Leather is a bit too blue for my tastes but it will be workable for a dramatic eye outer v or as a liner I think.  

        Typically, I don't consider using a "blogger discount" since I don't consider myself a "real" blogger. However I need all the smudge sticks and a salve stick in peppermint. Either way, another TenThree order is in the books very soon.

January 2015 Project Pan product list!

This month I am participating in Project Pan! I've let my collection get a little out of control due to stress buying so now I'm on a low buy and working to use up my stash. This month I'm working on:

1. Female Titan AFK Cosmetics sample | 95% | nice wash color, but I have others I prefer that are more pink toned like me.
2. Fyrinnae Lip Lustre in Winter's Romance mini | 100% | oddly in love with this. I will even suffer the applicator for it.
3. Alchimia sample in Penny Loafer | 75% | I stressed about running out since they discontinued it, convinced Erin to sell me a FS and now I still haven't used the sample up.
4. Alchimia sample in Incognito | 75% | see above.
5. Benefit Bad Gal travel size liners | 98% | Bought over BF to see if Mid End eyeliner was seriously better than drugstore (Rimmel, my first love) spoiler alert: they aren't.
6. Shiro sample in No Men Like Me | 45% | Got a mini in a swap so now I can stop hoarding the sample.
7. Shiro sample in A Regular Bears Meeting | 95% | I collected way too many browns, time to start culling them out.
8. ELF concealer in Fair | 40% | A bit too yellow for my tastes. I've found what I think is my HG concealer that is actually pink toned enough for me so I want to knock this out.

I know I probably won't finish these but I'm going to give it a shot! Are you participating in Project Pan? If you are let me know what you are working on this month!