Monday, December 8, 2014

AFK Custom Balms.

I don't think my friends are this cool. Today, after a pretty intense month of customizing and then lost packages (seriously USPS you have one job) I received my bundle of pretties. I originally got these for my fellow archaeology friends at school but I'm 95% they won't understand how awesome this is and then I'd have to hate them.
My adorable message!


Trowel crest for label art!

Hard to see here but the deep red in the crest matches the balm PERFECTLY. Awesome little touch.

Swatch, with Thorn's Embrace on the bottom for comparison.

Two light swipes. Great tint without being too strong.

      I was so impressed through everything how much Dena (shop owner) went above and beyond to help me make the perfect gifts. The Etsy shop message thread had 61 messages by the time we were done. She even researched archaeology and asked for background information on my major and goals so she could really customize it to me. And then, when the USPS lost my package she graciously remade the balms ASAP among Black Friday and IMAM advent calendar madness to make sure I got them in time. 
    My balm smells amazing. The other balms are orange scented but she mixed orange and mango together for me since it's my favorite combination right now. The formula isn't at all heavy and sit very nicely with little transfer. I told Dena at the beginning of this to make sure she kept the formula and I'm pretty sure I'll be messaging her pretty soon asking for another tube. But now the big question: will my fellow archaeologists appreciate all this amazing or should I just hoard them all for myself so I never ever run out?

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