Sunday, December 14, 2014

Black Friday Reviews Part Two: Alchimia Apothecary PLUS some super special exciting news!

      Alchimia Apothecary is a perfume company that did have a skincare and makeup line at one time. However, in order to focus on their scents they have stopping selling these on their site. I received some samples of these great colors from a Reddit user who sent me an AMAZING primer on indie eyeshadow samples and I fell in love. It quickly became clear that the shade "Penny Loafer" was an amazing color for me and I was hoarding my little sample and I was terrified of when it ran out. 
     In the few short months I have been a member of the indie community I have seen shop owners go above and beyond to help their customers, so I took a chance and messaged Alchimia's Facebook page to inquire if they possibly had any stock of Penny Loafer left that I could buy. They quickly messaged me back and let me know that they still sold the eyeshadows at shows and kept some stock. I selected the two colors I most wanted- Raw and Penny Loafer. Erin (the shop owner) invoiced me via Paypal and sent out my package with tracking and even offered to combine shipping if I ordered anything during their Black Friday sale. I sadly could not budget in any pretty smells after some panic buying when collections premiered in the early hours of Friday. However, I do FULLY intend to go back for Restricted Section and the Firefly collection at some point.
       On to the reviews!
I LOVE these stickers!

Samples! Yay!

      Swatches over Fergie Take on the Day primer, NYX Milk, ELF Glitter Glue, and bare skin. Top to bottom: Penny Loafer, Incognito, Albedo, After the Fire, and Raw.

       Try as I might my camera couldn't capture the sparkles in Incognito and Raw. Penny Loafer has an amazing sheen to it and I just can't get enough of it. This review has definitely shown me I need to break out the big guns camera wise! Incognito is definitely joining the rotation as a base and a quick wash- I think I'll need to order the full size soon! Also, I think Raw will be a gorgeous crease blending tone for neutral tone looks, it's mostly matte with a touch of sparkle, which is perfect to me. 

      And now for the super exciting news I promised. When I opened my Alchimia order Erin told me to let her know if I needed any other colors and that the skincare and makeup would both be making appearances on the site as limited edition! I emailed her to ask permission to share the exciting news and this is what she said: "No, nothing's really a secret. I try to be as transparent as I can when it comes to shop related things. It's important to note though that's I'm not bringing everything all back at once though. It's so hard to do it that way. I'm bringing back skin care first (with a really fun Valentine's day surprise included in that). Then I'm bringing back eyeshadow. All of these will be limited quantities though, so you'll have to get them while they're up or risk the chance they're sold out until the next run."

       Exciting news for us indie lovers! Think some digital elbows will be coming out, or will the tide of new releases in 2015 quell some of the insanity? Don't worry, I've already messaged Erin to claim a full size Incognito so you all can just form a line behind me.

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