Sunday, November 15, 2015

November IMAM Challenge Roundup

I've managed to mostly stick to the IMAM challenge themes everyday- I just haven't really kept up with posting them. Here's the first half of the month!
Day 5: King Tut
Little Sparrows "Sin" blended out with Shiro's Constant Vigilance and Blackbird's Lucid as a liner
Day 7: Stormy Weather
Here I used Aromaleigh "Perichor" blended out into "Too Old, Too Poor, Too Dangerous" I forgot to take a picture until later in the evening so it's a little dark. 

 This is supposed to be all about the eyes but my makeup looked much more dramatic at 6 am in the dark when I did so as to not wake my roommate, I promise.

 Day 11: This is my standard pin up makeup featuring Detrivore's "My Hands are Cold" as my lid color.
 Day 12: Contrast. Here, I just really played up my paleness with NM's Lilith on the lips and Shiro's "Just as Sane as I Am" on the lid
 Day 13: Least Favorite Product
For me, it is DEFINITELY blush. I have an extremely round face with wide eyes and I always end up looking like an infant. Here I used Aromaleigh's Valkyrie, Mater Matutda, and Orion on the lid. Foundation is Aromaleigh medium coverage in 2CL
 Day 15: Pumpkin Spice!
I used the goodies from the Kiss My Sass subscription. Tiramisu lip tint, affogato on the lid (apparently it's actually a highlighter. Oops), Espresso on the outer third/crease.

I also did all about the lips, but I didn't get a good picture of that day. I wore Fyrinnae's Winter Romance with just basic eyeliner/mascara. 

Overall I think I'm doing pretty well. 11/15 this half of the month- I'm going to shoot for 15/15 for the second half!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

November 3rd- Glitter

I had two class presentations today so I didn't really go all out on the glitter front- instead I played with my new shinies from the Shiro Harry Potter collection that launched last month.

I started with a layer of "That's Chess!" on my lid and blended it out in my inner corners and the top inside half of the edge with Hello Waffle's "Eat Me" over a base of NYX Milk and UDPP. I used Aromaleigh's Mineral foundation in 2CL/2C mixed together with the highlighter from the May box called "Marquess" to give my cheeks some glitter as well. I went with a perfectly matte lip using "Debbie" from Lonely Planet Co (highly recommend, it lasted 8+ hours on me). I'm super proud of my blending today- there weren't any harsh lines and there is usually at least one between my two eyes when I try to blend darker eyeshadows. 

Long Time, No post- Plus IMAM November Makeup Challenge!

So it's been forever since I posted, but the IMAM makeup challenge seemed too perfect. I want really try to do most of the November themes so I'm going to post my progress here because half my instagram followers are friends and family who have no concept of selfies and makeup challenges

November 2nd: Duochromes

For this look I used two Aromaleigh shades: Striga from the Galactic Mission One collection and Everlasting Credit from the now discontinued Hunger Games collection. I'm still getting the hang of glitter glue so my blending leaves something to be desired, but I really liked how the color turned out. Usually I avoid blues and blue-leaning greens but this one turned out surprisingly wearable on me.