Sunday, November 15, 2015

November IMAM Challenge Roundup

I've managed to mostly stick to the IMAM challenge themes everyday- I just haven't really kept up with posting them. Here's the first half of the month!
Day 5: King Tut
Little Sparrows "Sin" blended out with Shiro's Constant Vigilance and Blackbird's Lucid as a liner
Day 7: Stormy Weather
Here I used Aromaleigh "Perichor" blended out into "Too Old, Too Poor, Too Dangerous" I forgot to take a picture until later in the evening so it's a little dark. 

 This is supposed to be all about the eyes but my makeup looked much more dramatic at 6 am in the dark when I did so as to not wake my roommate, I promise.

 Day 11: This is my standard pin up makeup featuring Detrivore's "My Hands are Cold" as my lid color.
 Day 12: Contrast. Here, I just really played up my paleness with NM's Lilith on the lips and Shiro's "Just as Sane as I Am" on the lid
 Day 13: Least Favorite Product
For me, it is DEFINITELY blush. I have an extremely round face with wide eyes and I always end up looking like an infant. Here I used Aromaleigh's Valkyrie, Mater Matutda, and Orion on the lid. Foundation is Aromaleigh medium coverage in 2CL
 Day 15: Pumpkin Spice!
I used the goodies from the Kiss My Sass subscription. Tiramisu lip tint, affogato on the lid (apparently it's actually a highlighter. Oops), Espresso on the outer third/crease.

I also did all about the lips, but I didn't get a good picture of that day. I wore Fyrinnae's Winter Romance with just basic eyeliner/mascara. 

Overall I think I'm doing pretty well. 11/15 this half of the month- I'm going to shoot for 15/15 for the second half!

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